I am the father of João, Irene and Teresa.
And I have understood that from their arrival there’s been a transformation in me, a one-way ticket: it’s choosing what is best in the profession I have chosen (I work as an advertising professional, mostly as a copywriter, but also as creative director and – don’t ask me how – designer). We can (and should) use communication to build a better world. Being less utopic: a fairer society. Being more realistic: we can contribute for our home to be a mirror of what we expect to happen on the outside. And it is, as small as it seems, huge. A step for our children to understand what is really important, for them to see it happen – practically – in their private universes and, of course, for them to grow with the ability of spreading more solid values. This is what I am here for. And my work is only a consequence of what I try to do here, in my home, from where I am writing now.

I realized that when I hack my own home to find new solutions to very known relationship issues, I’m also hacking the neighbourhood, the city, the society. And hack with empathy looked a powerful communication tool to me.
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Your visit is very important.
Here you’ll find my authorial jobs and some samples of my work as a communication consultant, creative director at some agencies, editor in some jobs. A way to tell I am available to work.

A Flame For Change project: an invitation for me to develop a job to a client, very similar to what I do every day – to myself [client: Bradesco – a brazilian major bank]

This is a rare experience. A brand invites me to execute a project that, somehow, is inspired by my authorial works (the way to tell the stories of people, with delicacy and respect for the legacy of everyone). A Flame For Change is quite a project from Bradesco, the official sponsor of the 2016 Olympic Games. One of the considerations of the sponsorship is that the brands can choose people to carry the Olympic flame, while the games are getting closer. But Bradesco set a brilliant strategy: instead of choosing people having affinity with the bank itself, it asked people to point who they believe is important, who is doing something transformative for Brazil. Those are very special characters that I was proud to write about and illustrate with some of my pictures. 
Click here to check it on social media.  

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Verbal identity – or strategy of speech [client: B/Ferraz]

It is a job I did not even suspect there was a name for it before it was made – think about the remodeling of the brand of the B/Ferraz agency, under the following vision: the agency was going through a reinvention, in practice, day to day, and needed an important contour for its position. Saying B/Ferraz is a non-stop agency was not an easy conclusion, despite it is clear in the everyday struggle of each one who is part of the agency. There was the need of knowing how it would impact on the professionals of the agency, the clients, the ABC group (which B/ is part of). It was a hit. And the agency does not stop, really. A concept that makes sense because not stopping, for them, is a north. 
Click here to see the magnificent brand design made by Pedro Paulino, my partner in this job.


First row – look at what is really interesting in a concert: the audience [client: Heineken/London]

Heineken invited me to make a photographic/documental record of people who made a huge effort to be as closest as possible to their idols. This was a job of, above all, discoveries. I understood how the relationship of fans with music could be so passionate – and fascinating. With their stories and pictures, I felt pleased to be between the stage and the crowd.
- Soon I will create a gallery here on the website to show the essay and the stories created for this project.

Brazilian Change Makers – always an ongoing project [client: Trip Publishing Company]

For two consecutive years I received a gentle invitation from one of the people I admire the most, Ana Paula Wehba, to be part of this project. In the first year, I made the photo essays of the awarded and told their stories in the Small Book of Great Changes. In the following year, we went beyond, far beyond.

I was invited to invite a team to, with me, produce all the content for the project (which ended up becoming a magazine, a documentary and a photo exhibition). A work that helps me be better as a human being. 

Click here to see and read the last edition of the award, which I took part as a director of the documentaries, writer and photographer.

The Fountain of Youth – we need to talk about healthy eating [client: Novos Urbanos, a brazilian NGO]

Before it is too late, it is necessary to talk about childhood obesity. Brazil is in one of the worst lists possible: one third of its population is obese and in five years, the way things are going, we will be the most obese country in the world – a serious problem. The NGO Novos Urbanos invited 2020. (a company that works with communication of causes, which I am a partner of it) to create a strategy of communication to put the topic in the agenda. So, we created the Fountain of Youth and invited Vik Muniz to materialize our dream of seeing children all over Brazil learning how to read and write while they also learn about healthy food.

Click here to see the website of the project.

Class Council – and counseling for life [client: Lemann Foundation]

Looking at the teachers. This is fundamentally the message of the research Class Council, made by the Lemann Foundation, which has as an objective, listening to teacher of public schools in the whole country. It seems obvious: they are the ones in the frontline (or in the tip of the chain, depending on your point of view). The fact is that there, in the classroom, is where the magic or violence can happen. It is before the eyes of the teacher that the possibility of an equal or unequal country will be delineated. I participated here as a screenwriter, but also as one of the many contributors (also with 2020.) in the conception of a strategic path to disseminate the research and mobilize more teachers around the country.

Click here to watch the campaign film. Click here to see the result of the research. 

The Inspirations Bench – [in portuguese, bench is the same work for bank] few people can make a lot of noise [client: Santander Bank]

We were three: Dani Bogoricin (brand strategy, Twitter), Gustavo Giglio (CEO, UpdateOrDie publishing company) and me. We received a mission from Santander to develop a content project for the bank during the SXSW, the most important innovation festival of the world. We created the #bancodeinspirações (bank of inspirations) and went searching for Brazilian people in Austin, Texas, seeking new questions – and less absolute truths. The result was a series of documental videos and articles telling the stories of people who inspire people; people that make noise with ideas, thoughts and attitudes.

The project went on air on Update or Die and on the social media channels of Santander, especially Twitter. Here, some of the contents:
Mariana Aydar, Jules de Faria, Clap.me, James Murphy (Pixar), Pipo Calazans, Talita di Iorio.

BB Cream Diary – a campaign to reveal much more than a product. [client: L’Óreal]

You do not need to go very far to watch a revolution closely. It is right there, in a woman you already know. And acknowledge. In the woman that changes her voice into energy to transform, her work into a dialogue tool, her talent to conquer a space that is truly hers (and yet not recognized). BB Cream took the chance. And it did not speak for itself. It opened its channels for five women to use the space to narrate their little daily revolutions. Without merchandising, product placement, content policies. A space for the feminine, presented by a brand that believes in the voices of women.

Here, the release video of the BB Cream Diary. On the website of Ampfy (yhe agency I was the director of digital creation for L’Óreal), there is the case.

#whenareyou – what separates Beijing and Sao Paulo? [Client: Beijing Design Week]

What move us away are thousand of kilometers. It is not the culture. Or human relations. Certainly not art. What tears us apart is time. This crazy time zone that makes us live different days, almost always. The work developed for the Beijing Design Week involved the Coletivo Amor de Madre, D3 and a content team that were together in China, to challenge time and create a critical thought on what is this time that we are in.

When are you?

- This was an action that counted on the partnership of Instagram. There is no website hosting the content, but the hashtag #whenareyou should host some examples. You can also click here to view the project's site.

Solar: an honest conversation about the Brazilian summer [client: L’Óreal]

Lenine sings the feminine universe with a rare delicacy. Lenine comes from a land where the sun is a god that permeates people’s lives (and the liturgy that happens on the beach). Through the musical universe of the singer/author we tracked the path of this campaign that brought the summer closer to the Brazilian women. And Lenine sang this way:

She doesn’t live without him/He brightens her day/She smiles from the opening/When she feels he’s nearby; a skin sensation/Fully blossoming/love comes around/When he comes, everything shines/Joy in the air; Him, the Sun; She, sunlight.

Click here and watch Lenine’s invitation to women all over Brazil to send their solar images – which composed the video of the campaign. 

SP Gentle City – a campaign to help the largest city of the country diminish distances between people [client: Sao Paulo Town Hall]

Sao Paulo is the city that produces more garbage in South America. When consumption habits are greater than the culture of our preservation and care, something is wrong. SP Gentle City is a platform of discussion about the city we want from now on, about the attitudes we wish to practice so the future brings new horizons. It all starts with the garbage, but goes through dignity. Being gentler with the city is being gentler with the other.

Click here and follow the project.

- The scope of my work here: naming, concept, and strategy. The creation team of the webseries is from Damasco Production Company.

Ipanema is not a neighborhood. It is Brazil. [client: Grendene]

Ipanema sandals are Grendene’s products that compete directly with one of the most beloved brands in the country, Havaianas. What is there to do when your competitor has such a strong identity? Search for your own identity and turn it into a frontline of beliefs and values that define your brand; that brings your reality close to any speech used in communication. The job developed for Ipanema was, above all, of courage: leave the comfortable area of a neighborhood and face Brazil. The ‘Brazils’. Ipanema went after genuinely Brazilian women, in all the regions, and launched a collection inspired by them. Brazil of Ipanema was a movement, more than a campaign. It was the search – and the encounter – with the identity of a brand.

Click here to watch, on Grendene’s channel, the videos of this campaign. 

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